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System transformation

Our experts can undertake relevant analysis in accordance with Payment by Results, including patient level data to assist you with your challenges. Our expertise in negotiating successfully with secondary care providers will ensure that your organisation achieves value for money by ensuring that care pathways in the community are clinically and economically efficient.

Our experts can help with developing and agreeing Key Performance Indicators, CQUINs and other performance monitoring arrangements to ensure effective monitoring of commissioned service. Our experience of drafting robust contracts incorporating the NHS Standard contracts will ensure that contractual obligations are clearly defined.

Working within financial constraints represents a significant challenge for Commissioners and we can assist you to identify and analysing reasons for variance and recommend and implement solutions. We can assist your organisation to identify care pathways which can be repatriated from secondary care into community in line with new NHS landscape and to develop new services in the community. Our experts can undertake service reviews, and work with your organisation to implement QIPP and demand management schemes.