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Our Services

How we can help you

At Bintumani Consulting we can help GP Commissioning Consortia with their:

  • Corporate Governance by providing training and development that would enable GPs to provide effective management and oversight of commissioning consortia
  • Clinical Service Redesign by working alongside commissioning consortia to develop care pathways, business cases and contract specifications which are both clinically and cost effective.
  • Commissioning by working alongside or on behalf of commissioning consortia to commission services in compliance with EU requirements and other regulatory requirements, under the mechanism of "Any Willing Provider" or OJEU Part A or B requirements.
  • System transformation by working alongside commissioning consortia to ensure quality and productivity is sustained through all QIPP work streams.

Our Services

Bintumani Consulting Limited can help by providing a wide range of independent consultancy services related to developing your organisations' corporate governance. These include:

  • Evaluating your organisation's corporate governance systems and practices
  • Providing briefing sessions on compliance issues
  • Facilitating workshops for senior management teams to help create and deliver successful governance changes
  • Developing standards of business conduct
  • Developing corporate governance procedure manuals
  • Reviewing your organisation's board performance benchmarked against international best practices
  • Coaching and mentoring directors and senior managers to ensure that skills are enhanced, and responsibilities are discharges effectively.

How will your organisation benefit?

An effective corporate governance system allows entrepreneurial leadership of the organisation within a framework of prudent and effective controls. This enables risk to be assessed and monitored. GP Commissioners who implement effective corporate governance systems are likely to realise the following:

  • Improved company performance
  • Reduced risk of corporate crises and scandals, especially with regard to the potentially conflicting roles for GPs of commissioner and provider
  • Positive evaluation of organisations' practices and procedures in terms of competition and cooperation from Monitor, who would perform the role of economic regulator under Liberating NHS.