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Clinical Service Redesign

The financial challenge to the NHS means that Commissioners are required to identify opportunities to make efficiencies, while at the same time ensuring that services which are commissioned are clinically safe and of high quality. Clinical Service Redesign improves outcomes and efficiency in healthcare by applying evidence-based data driven process improvement and change management.

Effective Clinical Service Redesign approaches focuses on the patient's journey through the pathway of care, to ensure that this is smooth, clinical safe and high quality. Clinical Service Redesign therefore enables health staff to use evidence to identify problems and target solutions to improve flow of patient journeys, remove constraints and bottlenecks and reduce waste and inefficiency. Streamlining processes and removing duplication provides benefits for patients, carers, health professionals and the wider community.

How we can help you?

Our Clinical Service Redesign experts include healthcare professionals, process redesign specialists and change management experts. They all have a deep understanding of the principles of process redesign to diagnose, design and implement solutions to redesign journeys for patients.

We focus on the patient - particularly in managing the processes involving patients waiting for care, their access to services and the efficiencies with which providers can manage patient flow. We do this through a combination of evidence-based process improvement tools and a dedicated focus on change management to support improvements.

We work collaboratively with Commissioning staff throughout the project lifecycle to transfer process redesign and change management skills and expertise.