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Who we are

Commissioning is the process of determining what services are needed, acquiring those services and ensuring that they are provided to meet requirements. It is a complex process with responsibilities ranging from assessing population needs, prioritising health outcomes, procuring products and services, and managing service providers.

Liberating the NHS envisages a greater role for private sector providers in health care and as such, GP Commissioners will need the skills and competencies to effectively commission services in an increasingly complex health economy.

Incomplete and / or poor contracting results in poor contract performance, increased transaction costs, negative outcomes in terms of patient experience, provision of safe services and quality of care.

How we can help you

Our Commissioning experts include professionals with both healthcare and public procurement experience, who have the expertise to formulate contract specifications, including key performance indicators, CQUINs and performance management and reporting arrangements to suit different services depending on the value of spend, level of risk and complexity, management information systems available, etc.

We can also manage your procurement process in full compliance with EU Procurement Directive, TUPE legislation and your own organisation's standing financial instructions. In doing so we can ensure that where GP Commissioners also wish to compete to provide services, the potential for conflict of interests is eliminated.