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Corporate Governance Services

In recent years, shareholders, regulators and other key stakeholders have increased their expectations concerning the conduct and practices of organisations. These are now being incorporated into formalised codes of practice.

  • How effective and efficient are your organisation's corporate governance systems and practices?
  • How rigorous is your board's annual evaluation?

GP Commissioner's would be required to ensure that their Commissioning Consortium has effective corporate governance systems and practices, especially so as to ensure that there is no blurring of the commissioning and providing roles of GP.

How can we help you

Bintumani Consulting Limited can help by providing a wide range of independent consultancy services related to developing your organisations' corporate governance.

These include:

  • Evaluating your organisation's corporate governance systems and practices including risk management.
  • Providing briefing sessions on compliance issues
  • Facilitating workshops for senior management teams to help create and deliver successful governance changes
  • Developing standards of business conduct
  • Developing corporate governance procedure manuals
  • Reviewing your organisation's board performance benchmarked against international best practices
  • Coaching and mentoring directors and senior managers to ensure that skills are enhanced, and responsibilities are discharges effectively.