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About Us

Who we are

Bintumani Consulting Limited provides advisory and consultancy services to GP Commissioners and interim management solutions to improve the competencies and capability of the business units which are to be formed to support GP consortia. We have been trading since December 2008 and have provided interim management services for a London PCT which is part of the first wave of GP Pathfinders, as well as one of the first PCTs to externalise its provider arm. This has provided opportunities to understand the impact of the changes introduced in the Health and Social Care Bill 2011 and how to support GP consortia.

Our experts have significant experience of commissioning services as well as corporate governance, including risk management and in the design of care pathways to ensure a shift from hospital services towards more provision within the community, including the management of long-term conditions and provision of unscheduled and urgent care.

The Challenge

The Health and Social Care Bill 2011 2010 presents significant challenges for commissioning health services for patients in England, enabling commissioning responsibilities to be devolved to GPs, placing them at the heart of the decision making process. It also encourages greater provision of health care by the private sector, including private firms and social enterprises. It introduces new governance arrangements for commissioning consortia, giving Monitor a greater role as an economic and competitions regulator, not just over providers, but commissioners too. At the same time, management costs are to be significantly reduced by up to 50 percent.

The challenge presented is unprecedented and it requires GPs to combine their clinical skills with first class business management skills to enable GP consortia to deliver high quality care, within a competitive health economy and to do so efficiently.

Responding to the challenge

Bintumani Consulting Limited can provide advice and consultancy on corporate governance, service redesign, commissioning and systems transformation services for GP Commissioning Consortia, providing commissioners with the confidence, skills and tools to lead service improvement and improve health outcomes for patients.

Why choose us?

Our support is built around key values and principles which are important to GP commissioners:

  • We support GP Commissioners as decision makers to effectively lead and challenge their business unit management in the design and delivery of high quality and effective care and at reduced cost./li>
  • We ensure best use of limited clinical time by ensuring that all projects are fully scoped, planned and executed, so that you get things right the first time.
  • We are responsive to the pace of change required within the UK health landscape and will work with you to identify solutions to problems
  • We provide you with an experienced professional to support you through each assignment and seek to build effective relationships with our clients

What's in a name?

Bintumani is the highest peak on the Loma Mountain range in West Africa. It signifies the ability of our experts to take on challenging assignments, and their commitment to succeed and achieve optimal results in fulfilling the assignment.