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Bintumani - Professional consulting services to the Health Industry.

Welcome to Bintumani


The 2010 White Paper 'Liberating the NHS' presented many significant challenges for commissioning health services for patients in England.

Commissioning budgets are now devolved to GPs, who are accountable for more than £80billion of NHS spending. GPs are now at the heart of the decision making process, taking over the functions of primary care trust and potentially with significantly less management resources.

Liberating the NHS emphasises greater community accountability for the use of such resource, putting patients and clinicians at the heart of decision making in the NHS. It encourages greater provision of health care by the private sector, including private firms and social enterprises. It also introduces new governance arrangements for commissioning consortia, by giving Monitor a greater role in the as an economic and competitions regulator, not just over providers, but commissioners too.

Bintumani - Responding to the Challenge


Bintumani Consulting Limited provides advisory and consulting services to GP Commissioners and Business Support Units within the Health Sector as well as interim management services to undertake short term and specific project assignments to address the skills gaps within Business Support Units.

Our experience is in the areas of Corporate Governance, Commissioning, Service Redesign and Systems Transformation. Our experts have a depth and breadth of experience in delivering services and improvement within the health sector and we are able to tailor solutions to match your local needs.